New Student Quick Registration Form

New Student Quick Registration Form

Please fill out this Quick Registration form if you are enrolling a new student to the Oak Grove School District. (Pre-K/ECC and Kindergarten parents please submit this form as well).  After you complete this information, the secretary in your child's building will enter it in our system.  

You will not receive this information immediately.  You will need to verify your residency before you can complete the online registration.  Once you receive the email, you can use the new login and password to complete the online enrollment process from home or at school during our scheduled times. If you have questions or are having technical issues with the forms, please call your building secretary or email Tina Matson at or Chris Smith at .   

Primary Parent Information:

First Name:  

Last Name:  

Relationship to Student: 

Street Address: 




Preferred Phone #:  

Email Address:  

Have you had any other students attend Oak Grove School District? Yes     No

Name and address of school you are leaving:

Were your children homeschooled?  Yes    No

Please fill out the information below starting with your oldest child entering the Oak Grove School District.
  2019-2020 School Year

Student 1 First Name:  

Student's 1 Middle Name:  

Student's 1  Last Name: 

Student's Date of Birth:  

Student's Gender:  


American Indian or Alaskan Native
Black or African American

Native American or Other Pacific Islander

Entry Level Grade of Oldest Child:  

Student 2 First Name: 

Student 2 Middle Name

Student 2 Last Name: 

Student 2 Date of Birth: 

Student 2 Gender: 

Grade Level: 

Student 2 Race: 

Student 3 First Name:  

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Student 3 Date of Birth: 

Student 3 Gender: 

Grade Level:  

Student 3 Race:  

Student 4 First Name: 

Student 4 Middle Name: 

Student 4 Last Name: 

Student 4 Date of Birth: 

Student 4 Gender: 

Student 4 Grade Level: 

Student 4 Race: 




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